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What is the Best Mosquito Fogger

A mosquito fogger is a device used to disperse a variety of liquid chemicals into the air which are designed to repel or kill mosquitoes and other flying insects. A Mosquito fogger is able to reduce these chemicals into microscopic particles, up to as much as 7 times finer than mist. The particle size is so small that it enables the fog to spread and float through the air and penetrate into deep foliage to seek out mosquitoes where they live and hide.

There are two primary types of mosquito fogger: a thermal fogger and cold fogger (also known as an Ultra Low Volume fogger).

A Thermal fogger utilizes heating to activate the fog and are typically powered by gas such as propane. The most common type of thermal insect fogger available is the propane mosquito fogger. The biggest advantage of a thermal fogger is its portability and convenience. Its fast and easy to spray outdoors, and people and pets can enter the treated area approximately 5 minutes after the area has been sprayed.  Thermal fogging spray is visible which allows you to target the areas where mosquitoes live and are most active.

A ULV Fogger or cold fogger are the opposite of a thermal fogger (as the name suggests) and is operated using cold fogging techniques and generally powered by electricity. The advantages of a cold fogger is that they can be used as an indoor mosquito killer. A ULV fogger can also be more efficient over a thermal fogger due to the loss of chemicals from the heating process within a thermal fogger.

Either of these fogging options can provide a successful mosquito barrier and effective mosquito killer to protect you and your loved ones from the world’s deadliest animal. You will make a significant impact on the mosquito population around your home simply by fogging on a regular basis.

We have selected a range of stand out thermal and ULV foggers on the market and we have provided comprehensive reviews for your perusal. Immediately below you will find a comparison table consisting of our 5 best mosquito fogger picks. The Silver Bullet ULV fogger is our pick of the best mosquito fogger for 2017. We hope you find what you are looking for on this page. We’d love to hear from you at The Best Mosquito Killer, so please feel free to contact us.


Value for money
Ease of Use


Hudson Electric Atomizer Sprayer
Reliability : 8.9
Quality : 9.1
Value for money : 8.9
Ease of Use: 8.9


Longray Carryall ULV Fogger
Reliability : 9.2
Quality : 9.3
Value for money : 8.9
Ease of Use: 9


Burgess Commercial Grade Fogger
Reliability : 9.3
Quality : 9
Value for money : 9.3
Ease of Use: 9


Silver Bullet
ULV Fogger
Reliability : 9.4
Quality : 9.5
Value for money : 9.4
Ease of Use: 9.5


Burgess Propane
Insect Fogger
Reliability : 8.9
Quality : 8.9
Value for money : 9.6
Ease of Use: 9

Hudson Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer


  • ULV sprayer for indoor/outdoor use
  • Lightweight (2 gallon tank)
  • Versatile – can be used for garden spraying or mosquito fogging


  • Extension cord may be required

The Hudson Atomizer Sprayer is a commercial grade fogger that is extremely versatile and formidable. It has an adjustable output of 1.5-14 gallons per hour and shoots at 13.5ft range. It is powerful, and much quicker to do the job as opposed to a pump sprayer. Pump sprayers tend to be quite inefficient and it is possible to lose a large portion of the solution because the pump sprayers are unable to atomize the solution as well as electric sprayers can.

You will need to purchase an insecticide to use in the sprayer and it will transform solution the into very fine mist particles to penetrate into the areas where mosquitoes are breeding around your property.

This industrial grade sprayer weights approximately 30 pounds so you will need to be strong enough to carry the weight. The advantage to this though, you are getting a nice weight workout whilst spraying!

If you are looking for a versatile product that you can use on your garden or perhaps as a mold killer (concrobium) as well as a mosquito fogger, this is an ideal product for you.

Longray Carryall ULV Fogger Review


  • Works with oil and water based pesticides, disinfecants and deodorizers
  • Adjustable flow rate and particle size
  • Designed with 18in Flex hose for hard to reach areas


  • Extension cord may be required
Longray Carryall ULV Fogger
List Price:$239.00
Price Disclaimer

This commercial mosquito fogger boasts some great features including a precision valve that allows the user to adjust the flow rate of the solution between 0.0-7.0 gallons per hour. Depending on how powerful you wish to spray and the area you are treating, it may not be ideal to use it at high power especially if you are using it to spray your garden (high powered release may damage foliage).

Additionally, the precision valve allows you to adjust the fog particle size. This is really beneficial if for instance during unfavourable wind conditions, you may want to increase the fog particle size in order for the fogging solution to withstand the wind and linger for longer in the treated area.

It is designed to get in to those hard to reach areas using an 18in flex hose that will enable you to reach above ceilings, spray under carpets and amongst furniture.

The tank holds a substantial 1.6 gallons of solution; enough for you to not have to worry about refilling and light enough for you to operate without too much discomfort.

If you live in a warm and tropical state such as Florida or Louisiana where mosquitoes are a year round problem, having an insect fogger such as the Longray on hand will be a fantastic addition and potential solution to your  outdoor entertaining problems.

Burgess Thermal Fogger


  • Highly Versatile – can be used as a thermal or ULV fogger
  • Heavy duty and commercial grade
  • Adjustable Flow rate
  • Thermostatic Controlled Heating Chamber

The Burgess Commercial Mosquito Fogger is a heavy duty, versatile product that is capable of being operated as a thermal fogger with the barrel attached (producing a dry fog) or as a cold fogger with the barrel removed (producing a wetter fog). When using the Burgess Insect Fogger with the barrel attached (in thermal mode), ensure you only use products specifically developed for thermal fogging.

Multi-purpose is another key feature of the Burgess fogger. Not only is it multi-functional (thermal fogging and ULV fogging) it can also be used to treat a number of problems such as a mold and mildew fogger (using concrobium), an odor eliminator (for pets or mold), fire and flood recovery, a fogger for mosquitoes and a fogger for fleas.

It contains a thermostatically controlled heating chamber that atomizes the chemical solution into fine particles enabling the fog to drift under and around surfaces for widespread, full coverage. The flow rate is adjustable depending on the mode you are operating it in and if you require a wetter or dry fog.

Note: this fogger can be used indoors, however only operated by certified, trained fire and smoke restoration technicians and only in accordance with applicable guidelines and standards.  Always read and follow instructions carefully and in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.

If you are looking for a heavy duty and reliable solution, the multi-purpose Burgess Insect Fogger is an ideal choice.

Silver Bullet Mosquito Fogger Review


  • Used indoors or outdoors
  • Strong and durable
  • Extremely versatile – can you be used on mosquitoes, fleas and mold

The Silver Bullet Mosquito Fogging Machine is an exceptional product that is not only a great mosquito killer, but it also functions as a mold and mildew killer, sterilisation and sanitizer fogger and a flea fogger. The versatility in this product gives it a competitive advantage over other insectfoggers on the market and is an all in one pest control solution.

The Silver Bullet Fogger boasts a powerful motor enabling a 40ft expanse of spray, whereas competitor outdoor foggers disperse on average 30ft of spray. This bug fogger has been designed and built with incredibly robust but lightweight materials to ensure consumers are getting an ultra durable and heavy duty product when purchasing one of the best mosquito foggers in the marketplace.

The Silver Bullet is an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) cold fogger, and is operated using cold fogging techniques (for more information on the various types of foggers, click here). The chemical solution used in the Silver Bullet Fogger will be discharged into a very fine mist (rather than a gas) allowing the tiny droplets to disperse into confined, inaccessible and hard to reach areas. The benefit of a cold fogger as opposed to a thermal fogger is the ability to use it indoors as well as outdoors.

Almost any chemical solution can be used in the fogger depending on what you are trying to target, including oil, cedar, water based and insecticide solutions. If you are using it as a mold fogger with a concrobium mold control solution, it’s recommended it be used in conjunction with an ozone or hydroxyl generator to achieve the best results. Click here for more information on ozone generators. Note: use a respirator when operating a mosquito fogger.

RESULT: If you are looking for versatility and durability that comes at a relatively affordable price, look no further than the Silver Bullet ULV Fogger to effectively kill mosquitoes, noseeums fleas other flying insects. This gets my vote as one of the best foggers and definitely an exceptionally effective mosquito killer.

Burgess Insect Fogger Review


  • Lightweight, convenient and portable (no electricity required)
  • High quality, made in the USA
  • Cheap to run (powered by propane)
  • Provides up to 6 hours of protection and can penetrate into dense and damp foliage where mosquitoes live


  • Cannot be used indoors

Designed and made in the United States, the Burgess Propane Mosquito Fogger is a powerful mosquito killing machine and as the name suggests is powered by propane canisters. Many thermal foggers require electricity for their use, however, the Burgess Bug Fogger is portable and does not require any electricity for it to be powered, allowing you to use it wherever and whenever the need arises (note: the Burgess fogger is for outdoor use only). It can be used before any outdoor entertaining event and it can even be taken camping.

The benefit of this propane fogger is the fact that it uses far less insecticide than conventional mosquito sprays which reduces any negative environmental effects. It uses a 14.1 oz. tall style or 16.4 oz short style propane cylinder and one tank contains enough power to provide approximately 2 ½ hours of continuous fogging.

How Does The Burgess Fogger Work?

The propane gas is first ignited which heats a coil. When the fogger trigger is pulled, it pumps the carrier solution through the coil which is heated and vaporizes the insecticide into a fine mist with microscopic particles. These particles float through the air and can travel up to 5000 square feet in less than 10 minutes. They can penetrate hard-to-reach areas, into shrubs and dense foliage killing mosquitoes and noseeums on contact.

What is the working duration?

One application of the Burgess yard fogger will protect you and your loved ones for up to 6 hours and humans and pets can enter the treated area once the fog has dissipated (usually within 5 minutes).

For best results, the Burgess outdoor fogger should be used with Black Flag, Cutter or Repel fogging insecticides. Click here for more information on fogging insecticides.

RESULT: This is a great option is you are looking for a low cost fogger that does the job quickly and effectively. A fantastic value for money mosquito fogger!

A Mosquito Fogger is a brilliant and effective mosquito killer; however if you genuinely want to make an impact on the mosquito population around your home, following an integrated approach is the best solution, click here for our 9 step best mosquito control program.