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Hi guys, we’re Jamie and Rachael!

We’re the pretty faces behind The Best Mosquito Killer! We are outdoor and travel addicts and love getting out and about at every spare opportunity we can get. We are both Charlotte, N.C. residents born and bred and have grown up with mosquitoes our entire lives. We have tried and tested many products over the years and feel that we have become experts on the topic of getting rid of mosquitoes!

To this day, we are constantly in the battle against these dangerous insects and always looking for the best ways to regain the enjoyment of our leisure activities without the annoying interruptions and frustrations that mosquitoes often cause.

We sincerely hope you learn something from this site and you find what you have been searching for. We look forward to providing more information on mosquitoes and other annoying bugs and parasites and we hope you stick around for our mosquito killer journey!