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Best Indoor Mosquito Killer

The reason why using an indoor mosquito killer is so important in controlling your mosquito problem is due to the highly resilient and adaptable Aedes Aegypti mosquito; an indoor species that is responsible for transmitting Dengue Fever, Zika and Yellow Fever. These dangerous mosquitoes can be identified by its white lyre shaped markings and banded legs.

The Aedes Aegypti prefers to breed indoors and their preference is to bite during daylight hours. To them, the indoor habitat is less susceptible to varying weather conditions and breeding and living indoors increases the mosquitoes’ lifespan.

The female Aedes feeds on the blood of one infected person and the virus spreads to the mosquito’s salivary glands. After the incubation period (approximately 8-12 days), the virus can be transmitted to other humans when the mosquito feeds. Below is a brief summary on the diseases that the Aedes Aegypti is capable of spreading:

Zika virus: this disease causes mild symptoms to those who become infected; however, the danger lies when a pregnant woman becomes infected as she can pass it on to her unborn foetus causing serious brain birth defects. Local mosquito-borne spread of Zika has been reported in the continental United States.

Dengue fever: this tropical disease isn’t commonly found in the United States, however, outbreaks can occur via a traveller returning to the U.S. from an area of the tropics where Dengue commonly exists. The symptoms include high fever and muscle and joint pain which begins abruptly and can be severe and sometimes life-threatening.

Yellow fever: similar to Dengue, Yellow Fever is non-existent in the United States, however, the threat lies in travellers returning to the U.S. from endemic areas (tropical regions of South America and sub-Sahara Africa). This flu like illness is potentially deadly and there is no cure for it (a vaccine is available and it is recommended that travellers visiting infected areas are vaccinated prior to travel).

After approximately 3 days of the mosquito having a rich meal of blood, the female will lay her eggs in any container of water she can find.

If you have noticed an increase in mosquitoes inside your house, carry out a quick inspection to identify any artificial containers of standing water and ensure that they are removed promptly. Mosquito eggs are commonly found in flower pots, buckets, unused tires, pet water bowls and tin cans. The eggs are able to survive for up to 6 months and are highly resilient.

Scroll down further for our top picks on the best indoor mosquito killer (including indoor mosquito repellents and indoor mosquito traps) to help keep any indoor mosquitoes and noseeums at bay.

Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper Review


    • Simple to use and minimal maintenance
    • Powerful 2800 volt electric grid
    • Appealing design that complements interior decor
    • Chemical and odor free
    • Safe to be used around pets and children
    • Silent

One of the most popular and affordable Electronic Bug Zappers on the market is brought to you by Aspectek, a trusted brand that has been in the United States for a number of years. If you are looking for a solution to not only kill mosquitoes but flies as well, the Aspectek device doubles up as an extremely effective fly killer too.

The device is operated by emitting a powerful UV light (powered by 2 UV bulbs) that attracts all pesky insects flying within a 5000sq ft radius. Once the mosquitoes and flies are drawn in to the light, they are zapped by a 2800 voltage shock.

The Aspectek Indoor Bug Zapper does not produce any offensive odors, nor does it use any chemicals and is ideal for inside the home where the use of pesticides might be considered hazardous. What’s better, this bug zapper is silent and does not make a “zapping” sound when it kills an insect. You can watch Games of Thrones or the Walking Dead with no interruptions!

This indoor mosquito trap is designed with the electrical grid enclosed in a protective cage, making it safe to use around children and pets.
Cleaning and maintenance is quite an easy process. The dead bugs are caught in the tray that is positioned at the bottom of the device and you simply remove and wash it. Similarly, with the replaceable bulbs, it is just a case of switching off power to the device and leaving it for 2-3 hours before you proceed to remove and replace the bulb, removing the protective screen and twisting off the bulb (an instruction manual is provided for more specific details).

RESULT: If you are looking for an economical and highly effective solution to your indoor insect problem, look no further than the Aspectek Electric Bug Zapper as it is one of the best indoor mosquito zappers on the market.

Silver Bullet ULV Fogger Review


  • Used indoors or outdoors
  • Strong and durable
  • Extremely versatile – can you be used on mosquitoes, fleas and mold

The Silver Bullet Mostquito Fogging Machine is an exceptional product that not only kills mosquitoes, but also functions as a mold and mildew killer, sterilisation and sanitizer fogger and a flea fogger. The versatility in this product gives it a competitive advantage over other insect foggers on the market.

The Silver Bullet Fogger boasts a powerful motor enabling a 40ft expanse of spray, whereas competitor outdoor foggers disperse on average 30ft of spray. This bug fogger has been designed and built with incredibly robust but lightweight materials to ensure consumers are getting an ultra durable and heavy duty product when purchasing one of the best mosquito foggers in the marketplace.

The Silver Bullet is an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) cold fogger, and is operated using cold fogging techniques (for more information on the various types of foggers, click here). The mosquito killer spray used in the Silver Bullet Fogger will be discharged into a very fine mist (rather than a gas) allowing the tiny droplets to disperse into confined, inaccessible and hard to reach areas. The benefit of a cold fogger as opposed to a thermal fogger is the ability to use it indoors as well as outdoors.

Almost any chemical solution can be used in the fogger depending on what you are trying to target, including oil, cedar, water based and insecticide solutions. If you are using it as a mold fogger with a concrobium mold control solution, it’s recommended it be used in conjunction with an ozone or hydroxyl generator to achieve the best results. Click here for more information on ozone generators (use keyword: ozonator, hydroxyl generator) . The Silver Bullet also works great as a fogger for fleas and is incredibly versatile. Note: use a respirator when operating a mosquito fogger.

RESULT: If you a looking for versatility and durability that comes at a relatively affordable price, look no further than the Silver Bullet ULV Fogger to effectively kill indoor or outdoor mosquitoes, noseeums and other flying insects. This gets my vote as one of the best foggers in the market for indoor mosquito control.

Zap-It Rechargeable Bug Zapper Review


·      Cordless and rechargeable

·      Versatile

·      Cheap

·      100% lifetime replacement guarantee


·      Unlike bug zappers and mosquito traps, mosquito rackets require human effort to kill biting insects (this could be seen as an advantage if you enjoy killing them)

The Zap-It Mosquito Zapper Racket is not only one of the best mosquito killers on the market but also one of the best fly killers available and is a necessity on those hot summer days and nights when mosquitoes and flies are creating havoc! The cordless rechargeable insect zapper is packed full of features and comes at a very affordable price.

One single swing of this mosquito zapper racket delivers instantaneous death to flies and mosquitoes. It is simple and easy to recharge the battery which provides hours of enjoyment, fun and satisfaction when you knock down another mosquito or fly.

It is extremely versatile and portable and can be used indoors or operated as an effective outdoor mosquito killer and can be taken on camping/hiking/hunting trips – a perfect addition for any outdoor enthusiast.

It has a unique design in that it contains a triple layer safety mesh to protect you from the 2000 volt electrified grid when in operation.

This really is one of the best indoor bug zapper solutions available and did I mention how enjoyable it is to swat those little critters!

RESULT: Effective, portable, affordable, fun!!!

Teza Insect Killer Zapper Review


·      Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (and waterproof)

·      Huge coverage area

·      Comes in 3 different sizes based on coverage requirements

·      Super high voltage


·      Requires frequent cleaning to avoid clogging

The Teza indoor bug zapper is an aesthetically pleasing, effective and powerful indoor mosquito trap that comes in 3 different sizes depending on the coverage area you wish to treat. Like most other electronic mosquito killers on the market, the Teza Electric Mosquito Killer uses black light (UV light) to attract mosquitoes and noseeums in, and then electrocutes them with a high voltage metal grid. The deisgn of the Teza Mosquito Zapper includes a cage to catch the dead mosquitoes and noseeums which is relatively simple and easy to clean. The UVA lamp supplied (additional bulbs can be purchased individually, click here) has an effective working life of approximately 8000-10000 hours. The added benefit to this product is that it can not only be used indoors but is just as effective as a waterproof outdoor mosquito killer. Additionally, you can purchase Octenol Mosquito Attractant cartridges for use in the bug zapper to increase the effectiveness.

RESULT: The Teza Insect Killer Zapper is a non-invasive bug killer that complements any indoor/outdoor area with its aesthetically pleasing construction. An effective solution to your indoor mosquito problem. 

Dyna Trap Indoor Mosquito Trap


  • Utilizes three different methods to attract and kill mosquitoes
  • Lightweight and portable, can be moved from room– to- room
  • Pesticide and odor free
  • Silent – no zapping or buzzing

We have saved the best for last with this product. The Dyna Trap indoor mosquito killer is unique in its design in that it uses three different ways to attract and lure mosquitoes and other insects including flies into the trap.

Firstly, the UV bulb generates a warm light which mosquitoes typically love. The second lure is a Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface that generates CO2 which is the ideal as the female mosquito seeks out the carbon dioxide to get her blood meal in order for her to lay eggs. The third method is a silent vacuum which sucks the insects in to the cage where dehydration and death occurs.

It’s a lightweight device, 3lbs and is the size of a large thermos. It can be moved from room to room depending on where your mosquito problem is most prevalent. Additionally it provides a 1000sq ft protection zone, capable of protecting a large home.

It is definitely one of the most effective mosquito killers for use inside the home!

Treating your indoor mosquito problem specifically with an indoor mosquito killer is a great solution; however if you genuinely want to make an impact on the mosquito population around your home, click here for our 9 step best mosquito control program.