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What is the Best Mosquito Trap

On this page we have selected and reviewed 5 mosquito traps and on the basis of our research, we have identified what we think is the best mosquito trap. You might still be in the process of deciding what sort of mosquito killer you need and if you are, take a look at our best mosquito killer guide to determine if a mosquito trap is the best mosquito killer for you.

The benefit of using a mosquito trap over another mosquito killer, such as a mosquito fogger, is the minimal  human effort required to operate it. The mosquito trap will continue to work round the clock as opposed to a mosquito fogger where you will need to regularly fog to keep mosquito numbers down.

Mosquito traps typically use a mosquito lure such as Octenol which mimics the human breath to attract and trap the mosquitoes in to the device where the mosquitoes eventually die.  It really is a set and forget device so the biggest consideration you will need to address when purchasing a mosquito trap is the location of where your trap needs to be set up for maximum effectiveness.

Where should I place my mosquito trap?

You must identify areas around your home that either have standing water where mosquitoes breed, or dense foliage where mosquitoes live. Ideally, you will want to place the trap as close as possible to where you think they are breeding.

Ensure you place the trap approximately 30-40 feet away from human activity; you want the mosquitoes to be attracted to the trap and not to humans.

Place the trap upwind from the breeding area. Mosquitoes tend to fly upwind for a meal (on a large mammal, like us) and typically downwind back to their breeding area. Mosquitoes double their weight after a blood meal and it is far easier to fly downwind after a hearty meal of human blood.

Look for an open area to place the trap and avoid placing it amongst high grass and plants. CO2 is heavier than air and the gas stays close to the ground. We want mosquitoes to follow the co2 plume produced by the trap and if it has been placed amongst high grass and plants, the co2 plume won’t be as prominent and the mosquitoes may not find the trap.

Keep the trap out of direct sunlight. The trap is much more effective in the shade as mosquitoes avoid sunlight (to prevent dehydration and death) and they live in shady areas.

Once you have your trap set up, test its effectiveness. If you feel like it’s not working as effectively as you hoped, try another location and as long as you keep the above suggestions in mind, you should be able to get your trap working at its optimal level.

We have provided a comparison table for you to quickly identify what we think is the best mosquito trap for 2017.  If you scroll further down the page, you will find  individual reviews on each of the selected products. We hope you find what you think is the best mosquito trap for your circumstances. Happy reading!


Value for money
Ease of Use


Blue Rhino
Reliability : 9.2
Quality : 9
Value for money : 9
Ease of Use: 9.3


Reliability : 9.1
Quality : 8.5
Value for money : 9
Ease of Use: 9.4


Insect Killer
Reliability : 9.3
Quality : 8
Value for money : 9
Ease of Use: 9.4


3 Way Trap
Reliability : 8
Quality : 7.5
Value for money : 8
Ease of Use: 9


Reliability : 9.4
Quality : 9.5
Value for money : 9
Ease of Use: 9

Blue Rhino Skeetervac Mosquito Eliminator


  • Cordless, can be placed anywhere
  • Combines CO2, octenol, lighting, warmth and TacTrap™ to lure mosquitoes and noseeums in to the trap
  • Powered by LPG Gas
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Slightly more effort required than other traps to set up

The Blue Rhino Skeetervac Mosquito Trap is the King Kong of Mosquito Killer Machines on the market! You know that you can trust and rely on a Blue Rhino product as they have been the leaders in outdoor living products in the United States for many years.

The Skeetervac Mosquito EliminatorSkeetervac Mosquito Eliminatoruses a variety of methods to attract mosquitoes and noseeums and are listed below:

  1. Skeetervac uses Octenol, an EPA registered attractant that mimics human breath (for more information on Octenol, click here). Studies suggest that mosquito zappers and traps that use Octenol can increase catch rates up to 10 times.
  2. LED lighting is used to mimic motion (which mosquitoes can detect within 30 ft) to lure mosquitoes in.
  3. Blue Rhino uses patent pending technology called TacTrap™ which uses contrasting colors to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects towards a powerful fan. The TacTraps™ are replaceable and are sold in addition to the mosquito trap.
  4. The Insect trap converts propane to CO2, which is the most irresistible mosquito lure.
  5. Mosquitoes love warm mammals and use their well-developed heat sensors to detect the warmth. Skeetervac uses UV light to mimic the warmth emitted by humans and other mammals to draw the mosquitoes and noseeums in.
  6. Once the mosquitoes and noseeums have been lured in with the Octneol, lighting, warmth and the TacTrap ™, they are sucked in by a strong and powerful mosquito vacuum into the mesh cup receptacle.
  7. Almost every mosquito in a 1 acre vicinity will be attracted by one or more of the above lures and once sucked in to the mosquito vacuum, they will be caught in a mesh cup, where they will dehydrate and die. The mesh cup can simply be emptied when full of dead mosquitoes, noseeums and other pesky flying insects.

Note: the Skeetervac mosquito trap is so effective, you will be emptying the mesh cup on a regular basis!

RESULT: If you are looking for the best mosquito trap for your home, look no further – this is our second best pick  of the best mosquito trap on the market!

Dynatrap Insect Trap Review


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Pesticide and odor free
  • Low cost to run


  • Less portability as electricity is required

Dynatrap is a well known name in the Mosquito Killer market – and for good reason. Dynatrap manufactures incredibly effective insect catchers by capitalising on a mosquito’s first love – Carbon dioxide. The Dyna Mosquito Trap contains a Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface that produces CO2 that mosquitoes and noseeums are drawn to. Once the mosquitoes and noseeums come into range of the co2 mosquito trap, they are sucked in to a cage by a powerful, yet quiet vaccum where there is no escaping. It comes in two sizes: the Dynatrap DT1775 (1 acre) and the Dynatrap DT1050 Flying Insect Trap (1/2 acre). It is sturdy and durable in construction and easy to clean and maintain.

RESULT: A “set and forget” device with minimal human effort required that is safe, pesticide free, and odor free. In terms of value for money, this is one of the best mosquito traps you can buy.

Teza Insect Killer Zapper Review


·      Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (and waterproof)

·      Huge coverage area

·      Comes in 3 different sizes based on coverage requirements

·      Super high voltage


·      Requires frequent cleaning to avoid clogging

The Teza indoor bug zapper is an aesthetically pleasing, effective and powerful indoor mosquito trap that comes in 3 different sizes depending on the coverage area you wish to treat. Like most other electronic mosquito killers on the market, the Teza Electric Mosquito Killer uses black light (UV light) to attract mosquitoes and noseeums in, and then electrocutes them with a high voltage metal grid. The deisgn of the Teza Mosquito Zapper includes a cage to catch the dead mosquitoes and noseeums which is relatively simple and easy to clean. The UVA lamp supplied (additional bulbs can be purchased individually, click here) has an effective working life of approximately 8000-10000 hours. The added benefit to this product is that it can not only be used indoors but is just as effective as a waterproof outdoor mosquito killer. Additionally, you can purchase Octenol Mosquito Attractant cartridges for use in the bug zapper to increase the effectiveness. This may not be the best mosquito trap but if you are looking to make your indoor/outdoor area a little more comfortable without having to worry about a few mosquitoes flying around and biting, this would be a suitable buy!

RESULT: The Teza Insect Killer Zapper is a non-invasive bug killer that complements any indoor/outdoor area with its aesthetically pleasing construction. An effective solution to your indoor mosquito problem. 

Hoont Indoor / Outdoor Mosquito Trap 


  • Pesticide and insecticide free
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Easy to clean

The Hoont mosquito trap is versatile enough to be used as an indoor mosquito trap and an outdoor mosquito trap and is built to withstand the outside elements.

The solid construction consists of a removable tray at the bottom of the device that allows for easy cleaning. An attractant can be placed on the tray in order to increase the effectiveness of the trap and maximize the kill rate.

Similarly with most other insect killers, a powerful UV light is used to attract the mosquitoes towards the trap. A high powered fan then sucks the mosquitoes in where they fall into the removable tray and die.

The Hoont Mosquito Trap has been designed to either be hung from the ceiling by the ring on the cap or placed on a surface using the included stand.

This dual purpose mosquito and fly trap is an appealing device that won’t look out of place on your deck, patio or even inside your home.

And the best mosquito trap goes to ……..

Mosquito Magnet Propane Mosquito Trap


  • Provides 1acre coverage
  • Easy set up and user friendly operation
  • Durable construction using heavy duty plastics and marine grade materials

After 20 years of research into mosquito killing, Mosquito Magnet has built a reputation for developing innovative and highly effective mosquito killers. The Mosquito Magnet Patriot is no exception and this particular mosquito trap has been designed to mimic the way large mammals attract mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide, heat and moisture.

Included with the mosquito magnet is the extra long 50ft, 12v power cord which is long enough for you to place the trap away from family entertaining areas but also long enough to place it close enough to problematic mosquito breeding areas. The Patriot model is  the least expensive of the Mosquito Magnet products and a number of the Mosquito Magnet traps feature cordless design and if you prefer a cordless option, click here to review other Mosquito Magnet models.

For best results, it is advised that the co2 mosquito trap is running 24hrs a day in order to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle. Within approximately 2 weeks, you should begin to see results.

A key feature of this propane mosquito trap is the self contained rigid net which is larger than previous Mosquito Magnet models. The benefit of the extra large net means that you don’t have to empty it as frequently. It is recommended that you change the net every 21 days.

An added benefit of the mosquito magnet is the quick and easy set up. A simple three steps is all that is needed before you are able to switch it on for it to begin working immediately.

Mosquito Magnet utilizes CounterFlow Technology which converts propane into co2, mixing it with the right amount of heat, moisture and attractants to draw mosquitoes in. The vaccum finishes the job and they are sucked in to the net where dehydration and death occurs.

In order to keep your mosquito trap performing at an optimal level, it is important to maintain it. If you are running your trap 24hrs a day, ensure you replace the propane tank, attractant and rigid net approximately every 21 days.

RESULT: We’ve selected the Patriot Mosquito Magnet as our pick for the best mosquito trap on the market. If you want to make a real impact on the mosquito population around your home, this is without a doubt the best choice.   

Why is the Mosquito Magnet Patriot the best mosquito trap?

During your search for the best mosquito trap, you will begin to notice the significant variation in price between traps. You can purchase a mosquito trap for as little as $30 and as much as $800. Unfortunately if you live in a state with significant mosquito populations such as Florida, a low cost mosquito trap will probably not be sufficient for your needs. However, in saying that, cost does not always equal quality.

Mosquito Magnet is a leader in the mosquito killing industry and after 20 years of research and 15 patents, we are confident that they have built the best mosquito trap in terms of value for money, quality and reliability. Mosquito Magnet invest heavily into research and development and continue to refine their products until they are confident that customers will be exceptionally satisfied with their products.

The patriot comes with a one year warranty and Mosquito Magnet provide exceptional customer support if you are having problems with your device. If you are losing the battle with mosquitoes, take action now! Purchase our best mosquito trap pick for 2017 which is the Mosquito Magnet Patriot!

Mosquito Traps are an effective and easy mosquito killer and we have provided reviews and identified the best mosquito trap on the market; however if you genuinely want to make an impact on the mosquito population around your home, following an integrated approach is the best solution, click here for our 9 step best mosquito control program.